you are helium

(the cover picture is of whom this poem is dedicated to.)


you are helium, she told me.

you are floating above the heads that can only see what lies in front of them.

you are blessed with the oracle of desire,

that deep seated ambition that make them hate you, it is your salvation.

one day you will float away, with the flight of someone recklessly pursuing the love of life

you will be able to fill any mold they give you, for now.

you are formless, weightless, the power that you think they have over you—

does not exist.

you are hard and strong and resistant—

the pressure to contort you concave but

helium gets better.

the more they push you into the corners, the more you are forced into strictures that define less than you, the more pressure from a society that is not your community, the stronger you get/

the more powerful you will be when you explode.

you will burst with a beauty of sparks.

once you find your freedom you will leave, and they will all stare at the stream of concerted hate you shed.

they will finally see how anchored they have made themselves.

they forgot that flying is possible—

you have the wings that they clipped from their souls..

you will disappear into the sky, and all that they will be able to do is

look up and wonder which star you are.

they will be wishing upon you, all the wishes of yours that they tried to kill.

their feet will turn to steel and their hands to lead and their hearts filled with worthless copper and their silver-coated smiles will tarnish.

that is when you will learn to be grateful—for being helium.


xx elim


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