on being polite


if you think too hard on being polite, it will ruin you

soon enough, ingrained reactions steal away at anything sincere

and soon enough, qualities you needed have been replaced

you no longer exist fully in any situation, you are now some half of a sentient

i ask you how your day went,

and as you elucidate the workings of “fine,”

i wonder when it became uncomfortable to cry in front of strangers


i ask you how you have been feeling,

and as you reassure me with two syllables of simplicity,

i wish it was acceptable to worry you with candor


i tell you thanks and you give me “no problem”

and i don’t go to the lengths of understanding just what you did for me.


but of course, numbing genuine reactions is how we suppress chaos

if everyone was blatant in every experience,

how quickly would we descend into enemies


xx elim

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