you cannot edit as you create


you cannot edit as you create

he told me so, to help with my writing

and while it is an encouragement to live and let live, while writing,

sometimes life works better if you were a serial deleter


combining two different pieces of life advice,

to create

to edit

i think of a way to live life in balance of the both.

i believe that we create with every breath

and i believe that our minds exist to edit


with every regret, we live a little, with every selfless deed we live some more

with every moment in our way, we craft a perfect reaction

we create our own version of experience, and we alter it to every occasion


but it’s the same as how poetry can’t always rhyme;

we must make mistakes

to keep from going mad, if nothing else.

and in those moments you will want to stop existing,

perhaps a brief hiatus from pleasing others

because we forget that our existence is something we have entitlement to.

so we edit as we create,

taking back moments before they happen, scaring ourselves out of risks,

crafting apologies before they’re needed.

we tell ourselves this is the way to live.


elim xx

impromptu poems is a series of poems that i have written sitting alone at a table on Broadway, typing them out on instant olivetti script, running a stand of poems, asking strangers to take one and pay what it was worth to them.

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