Cusp of Dawn

I am tired of suppressing that which has encumbered me for so long

I am drowsy with the fact that my feelings are to be hyper-compressed in the walls of my skull

When I used to lay my emotions down to sleep at night

Quelling the nightmares that which shook them to diminished formers of their prime

I used to whisper to them

“Bleed through the ledger should the ledger provide blood for you to bleed”

And though the past was vampiric, draining every drop of hemoglobin from the will of my being

The present is dripping with that which has reaffirmed it.

Emotion wouldn’t be given the verbiage of feeling unless it weren’t meant to be out amongst the world. It implies a third dimension. It implies stimulus. It implies exposure.

So do not ostracize me when I fling them from my brain from the roof of some place

When arcs of radiance shoot from my head like sunbeams that Apollo got too old to carry across the sky at daybreak

Synapses firing lightning bolts from the heavens that Zeus is fucking jealous of

Seratonin seeping trough the sunlight to be reuptaken by the flowers that grow in your hair

Or in your heart

This is a new morning

Wrought of mourning of past loves and passed times

For as long as I have breath I will celebrate every dimension of that which I feel

Every dimension of you.

I will move the mountains with the hammers of my words

Shake the sails of the ships of the ocean in your face with my breath

And this is a new morning

So when I lay you down to sleep tonight

Warm and snug in the confines of my neurons

I would advise you to keep a light on

For darkness will not contain you yet.

If you wish to hear this in the form of spoken word, click this here link

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