acrylics and vinyls

it’s broadcast to be 72º on the tuesday after christmas, and it’s a sign that we’re in the south. hannah hops in my car with a bag full of acrylics. we’re both sporting short sleeves in december. we drive to the nearby record store, and while shiny fenders smile down at us, jessie walks in to join us. fishes swim across her shirt and a cute mustard beanie tops her curls. we go to the back, where wooden crates have “VALUE” printed on the sides. there are some old vinyls that we can get for a dollar.

stopping by publix for a pack of la croix, thin mint oreos, and brownie mix; someone texts me to ask what everyone’s wearing, and i reply, “goodwill finds!”

an old floral sheet is layered over painter’s plastic. a small pile of paints claims each corner. as more girls arrive, we play more of the bargain vinyls. maybe there’s a hidden gem in there. the album covers become palettes, the paints start getting swirled into the black groves.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

kennedy starts out drawing a sunny flower. i blend red and blue on the other side. somehow, it turns into a night sky that has sent down one of its stars to manifest itself as a flower on earth.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

it was a good day to spend with conversations.
it was a good day to dance to vinyls before they became canvases.
it was a good day to create.

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