learned in 2016

  1. approach people. blow kisses at strangers. text others first.
  2. don’t change yourself for others. find people who appreciate you for yourself
  3. just because other people are great doesn’t mean you aren’t.
  4. there is a lot of liberation in being able to be happy for others.
  5. passion is always worth it.
  6. happy people aren’t happy all the time. but they find joy when they need it.
  7. you have more in common with your enemies than you think.
  8. hate is sometimes a form of aggravated and misrepresented love.
  9. sometimes i wonder what it’d be like to not have way too many emotions. probably too boring.
  10. sadness doesn’t always have a reason.
  11. writing helps.
  12. never give up on people.
  13. don’t idealize expectations.
  14. social media is not real.
  15. ground yourself. work on yourself. better yourself.
  16. “all the songs are love songs, just love at times can make you feel like shit.”
  17. “blades of grass contain the journeywork of stars.”
  18. don’t take unconditional things for granted.
  19. one person can change another person can change another can change the world.
  20. don’t let others’ opinions ever be your sole motivation.
  21. “we pass for what we are. character teaches above our [walls].”
  22. stop overthinking. just live.
  23. care less about the material things.
  24. invest in the subliminal.
  25. art is so powerful with life-changing potential in all forms.
  26. view life as a collection of moments, and live it in the moment.

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