reading and pondering

a brief hiatus was taken to complete a hasty portfolio, and this past week has been a break of nothingness to recuperate after a month of racking my brain and pouring every thought onto paper. i am back from writing more than i ever imagined i could, but now am once again thirsty to create.

today, while sitting in a coffee shop (as always) and looking for new places to submit new writings, i am gathering a collection of “ah-ha” moments, little euphorias where i read something from another author that perfectly captures my artistic ambitions.

i thought it only right to share.

from cabinet magazine, F-Hole
favorite quotes:
“It’s necessary to traverse a fantasy rather than go around it, if you want to unfasten its hold on reality.”
“I’ll probably die one day in an automobile accident. It will be raining and dark with low visibility. Construction on the road forces the four lanes of traffic to converge into two, and each oncoming car splashes another wave of dirty water against my windshield. Their headlights blind me and we scream with our horns. I’m hit head-on but I don’t try to swerve—instead, I use my hands to protect my face.”

from the sun, Schneider
a piece about how the world, even within any state it can convolute itself into, will stay a work of the sublime

from crazyhorse, A Moment Without Objects
favorite quotes:
“I said mountain and desert
as if the two contrarieties
would offer me a doorway
to a sideways landscape”

anyway, it’s a miniature disillusionment when i take a step back and realize that once words are written, it’s only a beginning to an uphill battle. there’s an inundating possibility of your thoughts disappearing once they’re whispered aloud.

you can write, you can be bad and you can be good, you can make provocative remarks or you can cater to demographics, but in reality, rejection and a realm of the unknown will be the more likely fate

so we are here to think on the purpose beyond recognition
and remember that changing the life of one
can be as fulfilling as the adulations from a crowd
and remember that the approval of one with power
doesn’t always compare to the smiles of a friend as they exult your work, sincerely

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