what i learned in sunday church

America is wed to the rebels and the revolutionaries,
To the immigrants and the insightful
And the inciteful, to every up-and-comer down on their luck
Without creating themselves as a cuckhold to fortune and tradition and every misfortune the horrors of history have deemed
I implore you,
Highlight your hypocrisy with the homophonic, homophobic, heavy-handed fervor with which you berate your enemies
Who aren’t your enemies,
But they aren’t you.
Since when did that become synonymous?
Open your heart with the floodgate of America to every immigrant. Every Somalian and Syrian and Saudi Arabian, sisters and brothers, they are nothing less than Us.
Hate is the only alien in this nation.
We are all immigrants, inquisitions, iniquities, scorned with accusation.
Eradication is not the answer.
Unification is.
Because the second we take strides with arms wide and hands full of hands towards the sky
We provide a secession of placing ourselves second
For the first time.
This is not a fight, this is the realization of contentedness
If we could only relent for long enough to hear the voices calling from a choir of angels
And prophets,
Natural phenomena and Muhammad,
From Mandir and Mecca and
Monasteries to the lips of Moses
As the red sea of rebellion subsides to the shifting tide of what we have put behind us
If we could only open our eyes to see beyond
The cover of a book or
The color of skin,
Because in the end
We are all just carefully crafted catastrophes awaiting the collision which creates
Something new.

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