vulnerability within art

i think that now is a time for women to reclaim their vulnerability
but in a way that doesn’t pair derogatory rift with instability
in a way that doesn’t pare at souls and our compatibility
to coexist with the gravity of the world

i think it’s time for art to become a weapon
for women substantiate their own stipend
to fetter emotion like Newman
to be de Kooning’s woman
to have Olympia’s pride
to challenge forthright birthright
and overturn what men have condemned
women’s weakness to be

i am yoko ono sitting still
while strangers slit pieces of her shift
with only flitting guarantees of infallibility
i am frida kahlo falling still
while pieces of her life paralyze her passion to no avail
with any prevailing loyalty derailing
i am yayoi kusama waiting still
surrounded by reflections of blind self-consumption
with little promise of fundamentally uprooting minds

it takes courage to be an artist in the face of rejection
it takes courage to divorce the perceived weakness of women
from the archetype doom that they have subjugated us within
but to rise from that vassal, hair sweeping stance
and embolden yourself
upon vulnerability as a platform
that is powerful courage

marina abramovic stares into strangers’ souls for seven lifetimes
and within there she challenges noise with quiet
she latches on from the color of your eyes and lets herself in
and inundates your hidden emotions with her peace
a peace that comes from someone at terms with her sensibility
someone who values solitude and withdrawn time to
and exist

we are all vulnerable beyond rational thought
and afraid to be
dig deeper through the layers
she tells us
“pure presence generates energy”

she fights that
we are all in attention deficits
forgetting to listen
that art is easily bad
that we are easily loud
because of how little
we care to feel anymore

we care about the things that do not matter
we care about opinion and let it dictate existence
we care about reactions before we put forth actions

and we are sometimes too affected by cowardice that
we cannot think to create
but women have a way to overturn a new face of fate
by reclaiming a misconstrued weakness
by channeling the open meekness
and using its power
within artistic creation

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