forcible introversion

this is an ode to all the quiet souls that yearn to scream.

this is me screaming from the rooftops for you who are still too timid.

because corners are suffocating, but sometimes the safest,

and solitude is heartbreaking,

and when confronted with loneliness, you’ll perfect the ability of self-hatred,

 because we have become hopelessly infatuated with the idea of others.

and my resolution for this time around is to become okay with the consequences of swimming upstream.

because so many things have been idealized to the point of being ignored,

and people become crueler once they’re friendful,

and comparison bubbles up with a keen ability

to make you forget all you have found happiness in,

to force your feet to fumble when finding confident footing,

to blind you to the little things that redeem life.

but bad company pales in a parallel to the recesses of your own mind,

because you’ve the ability for an unperturbed paring of the periphery,

a focus into what thoughts you turn to when

you confront what rises to direct consciousness, gleaning what seems to matter

before you have to sink into a default submissiveness,

you can find the parts that define and identify.

it’s all priming and pruning (en solo)

before you go fiercely into your glory days.

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