hi! we’re the scribbling society, currently based in columbus, ga.
we exist to push the boundaries of everything accepted in our provincial town.
think deep, think wide, think big.

what is here?

words, in the form of poems, serial stories, bits of encouragement

emotions, in the form of pictures that capture moments of beauty, trips to take your mind places

art, in the form of everything possible. including you.

why do we do this?

we want you to be capable. we want you to go, live, be, and create.

GO – travel. in your mind, in your life. take the path less traveled, chase the liberty of new homes, visit every place beyond the pictures. think of new things, and follow those threads of thought. tell everyone your true thoughts, evangelize your beliefs.

LIVE – live deliberately. rid routine. take risks. fail boldly.

BE – empower your true self. become limitless. who are you in your purest form? what are your real desires, if no opinion influenced you?

CREATE – find your passion and seize it. use your talents to contribute.

can you be a part of the scribbling society?

this place is a collection of all kinds of artists. photographers, writers, poets, painters, collagers, musicians, meandering rat-a-tat men.

do you believe in going, living, being, creating? want to contribute your work?

just email elim at elimscribbles@gmail.com