due date: september 30.

we are currently looking for submissions surrounding the theme “nothingness.

nothingness. i picture tannish swirls of misty paint. i get the idea of clouds. i think about the way things dissipate when you wave your hand through. a picture of the way the light hits the wall on a day when you’re stuck inside. a boy laying down next to the railroad tracks with flecks of brown paint on his eyelashes. i see something trying to come out of nothing, i see the imminent birth of something more, gradually getting there.

what do you think of?

tell me about the waiting that makes you tired of life, the boredom that makes you lose hope. paint me a picture of what a lethargic day feels like. talk to me about the longing you get when you think of who you’re meant to be, but the future is a little ways off. what are the things that make you wish for something more?

submit short stories (2000 words max), photos, poems (one page max), artwork, quotes, lyrics, anything original that you think fits the theme! be creative and bold.

please email all submissions to elim at with the subject line “EarthScribblers Submission — [artist name]”